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I grew up on the New England coast of Narragansett Bay, a block from the Herreshoff Marine Museum and America's Cup Hall of Fame. I sang camp songs on the ferry to Hog Island, learned to sail in Bristol Harbor, and enjoyed family cruises aboard my brother’s Friendship sloop.  Saturday mornings meant a leisurely, satisfying walk through the boatyard with my father, clam shells crunching under our feet.


It’s no wonder that taking photographs of Islesboro and Penobscot Bay brings back these happy memories, and creates so many more. I'm inspired daily by the sheer splendor and serenity of Maine's rugged shorelines and protected harbors, dramatic sunrises and sunsets, billowing sails, iconic lobster boats, and majestic wooden ships.


My trusty Nikon is an extension of my eyes, cropping observations into views and vignettes.  Captivated by the region’s rich colors and textures, I carry my camera with me everywhere, looking for beauty in day-to-day life.  Dog walks are especially joyful, as we all love to discover the world around us.  Some days I’m fortunate and capture something that makes my heart sing; some days I just have fun looking for new and different ways to express my passion for the New England coast.


I love what I do, and treasure each and every day hour I can spend outdoors.  I try to bring that feeling into every one of my images.


Memories matter.  I hope my images awaken some of yours.